A brave novel on looming South African white genocide

In the great tradition of employing fiction to illustrate the human condition, there appears a novel concerning the terrible plight of white folks in South Africa. Never, Never and Never Again is a novel by K.M. Breakey.  The title is borrowed from the words of Nelson Mandela, who erroneously stated that "[n]ever, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again [sic] experience the oppression of one by another." The novel lays bare the dire political climate that presently exists in Mandela's "beautiful land."  The dialogue and prose are tight, and the pace encourages a rapid read.  A political and racial conflict plagues the African continent, complicating relationships.  As survival is on the line, circumstances could not be more critical. It's a story of love and family, but it's also reality-based fiction with a message.  One cannot read this story without...(Read Full Post)
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