's editor Jamie Glazov banned from Facebook on 9/11 for writing about how to prevent another 9/11

The social media giants don't seem to be backing away from the exclusion of conservative voices.  Instead, the strategy may be to wear us down, continuing a steady stream of bans.  When the outrage is blatant, they may back down for a while, but the idea is to get us so used to this that we get tired and eventually accept the fate when the bans keep happening.

This article, titled "9 Steps to Counter Jihad," is what triggered Facebook's totally opaque "community standards."

The nine steps:

1. Label the Enemy and Make a Threat Assessment.

2. Scrap “Countering Violent Extremism.”

3. Stop “Partnering” With Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups.

4. Implement a Concrete “Countering-Jihad” Strategy.

5. Launch Our Own Counter-propaganda Campaign.

6. Affirm Sharia’s Assault on the U.S. Constitution as Seditious.

7. Put Pressure on Mosques, Islamic Groups and Schools.

8. Bring Counter-Jihadists into the Government.

9. Ridicule the Enemy.

There is absolutely no incitement to violence or hateful words used to describe human beings.  Ridicule may well violate sharia's penalties against "blasphemy," but why would Facebook support sharia?

Here is the notice Jamie got:

Jamie attempted to find out exactly what "community standards" were being violated:

Glazov has also attempted to write to Facebook to ask what it is specifically that violates Facebook's "community standards" when a person gives advice on how to best defend American lives from Jihad.  But when he tries to send his inquiry, a Facebook announcement appears telling him that his "request" cannot be processed.  It appears, therefore, that when you are languishing in the Facebook Gulag, not only are you imprisoned without understanding why, but there is also no way and no one to ask about your fate.

The best response by the rest of us is outlined by FrontPageMag:

We ask everyone to get involved.  Please go to Facebook and click on the blue question ("?") mark on the top-right corner of your Homepage.  Then select "Report a Problem" at the very bottom of the box and go to the "General Feedback" section and write in to request that Jamie Glazov's ban be lifted. Y ou can also do that on Facebook HERE and HERE.  Also protest on Twitter: @facebook and @fbnewsroom – and directly to Mark Zuckerberg@finkd.  And please spread the word and report this outrage to all the media you can.

If you experience technical problems, please write to