This is why we need a 'Space Force'

A mysterious Russian satellite has exhibited "very abnormal behavior" in its orbit, leading the Pentagon to worry that it may be some kind of weapon. Weapons are banned from outer space by treaty, but it's believed that there are ways to weaponize lasers and electronic jamming devices to disable or destroy satellites.  China is believed to already have an advanced anti-satellite capability, with the U.S. nearly on par with the Chinese and Russia trailing in the race to develop this vital technology. The media largely dismissed Trump's plan to develop a Space Force and make it a separate branch of the armed forces.  In fact, much of the press made fun of the notion. But this satellite launched by Russia is a perfect example of why we need a Space Force and why it's no joke – especially to the Russians and Chinese. BBC: "[The satellite's] behaviour on-orbit was inconsistent with anything seen before from...(Read Full Post)