Dems and media celebrating loss in Ohio 12

I find it absolutely amusing that the Democrats are celebrating their close loss on Tuesday in Ohio.  The main drivel coming from almost 100% of the media posits that the reason why Democrats are getting close is that people don't like Trump and that they want Democrats to get control of the House and Senate to stop Trump.  I don't recall any similar reporting as Democrats lost over 1,000 seats while Obama was in office between 2010 and 2016.  Where was a similar message that people didn't like Obama or his policies? I believe that a lot of elections where there is no incumbent end up being close, especially when the Democrat hides the Democrat agenda so well. The Washington Post and other media outlets have a series of articles and reports about how great it is that Democrats came close in Ohio.  What we essentially have is wishful thinking posing as news.  Here is one of the articles: "Ohio special election...(Read Full Post)