Greece's fire disaster another gift of socialism

The terrible wildfire in Greece, which destroyed the seaside village of Mati and killed, at last count, 91 people, was all the more awful because it need never have happened. Unfortunately, it did, and it was a problem of not having free markets.  The New York Times, in an op-ed from a Greek journalist who knows the place, points out that scores of unpermitted buildings and a non-working property registry, along with the corruption that makes its home in any such setting, were at fault. What neither government nor opposition parties acknowledge, however, is that many communities across the country may be death traps, wherever homes are built without permits, with town planners trying to catch up later.  Instead of being demolished, illegal buildings are usually accommodated by law, as politicians fear losing votes by destroying people's homes. Unpermitted buildings?  You know, like the shacks and shantytowns of the...(Read Full Post)