Did Trump troll for 'treason' accusations in Helsinki presser?

Even some of his strongest advocates are disappointed that President Trump failed to resoundingly agree with the intelligence community assertion that Russia interfered in our election.  Newt Gingrich has called it the "most serious mistake of his presidency."  Journalist Byron York insightfully observed how easy it would have been to avoid the contretemps and posited: There have always been two parts to the Trump-Russia probe: the what-Russia-did part, which is the investigation into Russia's actions during the campaign, and the get-Trump part, which is the effort to use the investigation to remove him from office. Trump's problem is that he has always refused, or been unable, to separate the two.  One is about national security and international relations, while the other is about Donald Trump. The president clearly believes if he gives an inch on the what-Russia-did part – if he concedes that...(Read Full Post)