Amazon has come to the swamp

At George Washington's inauguration in April of 1789, New York was our new Republic's capital.  Less than a year later, a deal was struck by Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton to move the capital to the mouth of the Potomac.  The North would benefit by having Congress assume the States' debts, and the South would have a capital closer to home. The only problem was, this new capital would be built on a parasite-infested swamp.  It still is.  Five years earlier in a letter, George Washington had applauded the region for farming as it "contains an inexhaustible supply of manure."  It still does. Even before Pierre Charles L'Enfant began draining the swamp to build the capital, land speculators had swept in, and deals of every kind were brokered for proximity to the new power center and hopes of future profit. Fast-forward to today.  In the Oscar-nominated film The Post, a Washington, D.C....(Read Full Post)