The bawl of the left

Leftwing protestors are blasting loud taped recordings of bawling children at the residence of Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in Alexandria, Virginia. It's an action that follows from a controversial cover of Time magazine, which ran a picture of a crying child supposedly separated from her mother at the border, which turns out to have been a false claim to support a leftist narrative. What's followed from that now is the cry-blasting from the left. They're out to disturb the peace, as they are inclined to do, to promote their real agenda, which is ending immigration enforcement at U.S. borders entirely. This time, they've really taken it to an embarrassing new level: By trying to bawl their way into getting what they want.

As Alanis Morissette used to sing: How-w-w-w appropriate.

Thing is, the left has gotten absolutely famous for bawling. They're whiners. They're crybabies. They're snowflakes. They get 'triggered' when the wrong pronoun is used. They've used Play Doh therapy as a means of trying to get over the election of President Trump. They still haven't gotten over it. They are the biggest whiners and hypersensitive daisies the world has ever seen.

What's more, they have this toddler streak in all the things they insist on, too, particularly in regard to their idea of 'freedom.' As P.J. O'Rourke observed in his 1992 book, 'Give War a Chance': 

They have a more innocent -- not to say toddlerlike -- idea of freedom. Liberals want the freedom to put anything into their mouths, to say bad words and to expose their private parts in art museums.

So leftists go a long way in terms of their identification with toddlers. Now they're trying to leverage actual crying children into their next political victory.

This is disgusting. What's more, it's sort of revelatory of what their fascination with crying is really about: The flip side of bullying. Bullies, recall, always cry when they get called out. Leftists essentially reveal themselves to be bullies in their latest series of stunts that coincide with their cry tactics.

Their bullying is in the doxxing of U.S. immigration enforcers, with Wikileaks publishing their names and addresses as the left encourages the harassment of them. To self-identified D-list actor Peter Fonda, this was just natural stuff until he got called out.

They ran Nielsen out of a Mexican restaurant in Washington, D.C. in a rabid harrassment activity, hoping to change U.S. laws by screaming and bullying.

They also bullied White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, with the leftist owner of the Red Hen restaurant asking Sanders to leave a restaurant just last night.

Hounding and bullying are the flip side of all these leftists stand for.

And yet there is the crying, crying as a political tactic. Funny how crybaby tactics move so closely in tandem with bullying in the matter of the left.

What we are seeing now are bully tears, something that merits only scorn from the rest of us.


Image Credit: Alan Levine, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

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