New Italian Interior Minister to Illegals: 'Pack your bags'

If the European Union didn't think Italy's new populist government was serious about getting tough on illegal immigration, new Interior Minister Matteo Salvini disabused them of that idea. "The party is over for illegal immigrants," Salvini said at a June 2 rally in Vicenza. "They will have to pack their bags, in a polite and calm manner, but they will have to go. Refugees escaping from war are welcome, but all others must leave." No government official from western europe has spoken so openly about dealing with the hundreds of thousands of economic refugees from North Africa who have arrived in Italy in the last 5 years. Salvini's words must have been a splash of cold water for the rest of the EU. Soren Kern: Italy's new interior minister, Matteo Salvini, has vowed to cut aid money for migrants and to deport those who illegally are in the country. "Open doors in Italy for the right people and a one-way ticket out...(Read Full Post)