Judge commands Iowa not to reduce number of babies killed

An Iowa judge has blocked the restrictions that the Iowa legislature had placed on "death Roe" abortions.  And the Iowa attorney general wouldn't defend the new law anyway. A local TV news outlet summarizes the issue in this way: An Iowa judge has halted the state's fetal heartbeat abortion law while a lawsuit challenging its constitutionality is resolved, The Associated Press and Des Moines Register report. The Register reports the law was to take effect July 1 after Gov. Kim Reynolds signed the bill on May 4. The law bans all abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, usually about six weeks into a pregnancy. A Friday hearing in Iowa's Polk County District Court was to ask a judge to temporarily block the law, the Register reports. The fact is that Roe v. Wade gives permission for states to restrict abortions.  In Section VIII...(Read Full Post)