On 'Spygate,' whatever happened to 'trust but verify'?

Ronald Reagan used to have a saying: "Trust but verify."  Now we are just supposed to just trust.  For example:

Trey Gowdy and others went to an FBI meeting where the G-Men showed him no documents but advised Gowdy that they absolutely followed all the rules when spying on Donald Trump.  Gowdy comes out and says the FBI did what it was supposed to do, and the media and other Democrats just repeat what Gowdy says with no proof and no documentation.  We know how the media and Democrats have always respected Gowdy.

No matter how many people lie, how many emails are found showing that Trump was targeted and Hillary Clinton was favored, no matter how much unmasking and leaking of calls associated only with Trump, no one should ever question the FBI.

The DNC says its computers were hacked by the Russians, and the FBI, Justice, intelligence agencies, the media, and many Republicans just repeat what they are told, even though not one government agency or official was allowed to examine their computers.  No verification was necessary.

Hillary destroyed over 30,000 e-mails, and someone "bleachbit" her computer to erase data.  She said they were all personal emails and that they were very careful to save any work-related computers.  No verification was necessary for the media and other Democrats to accept that garbage because the Clintons have always been so honest.

Iran doesn't allow access to its military installations, but the Iranians can absolutely be trusted that they are not doing anything dangerous.  The media, foreign leaders, and Democrats say that's OK.

Former FBI director James Comey lists a plethora of criminal violations by Hillary and her aides and then says no U.S. attorney would ever take that case to trial.  The always honest Comey should never be asked why others with lesser violations of the criminal code have been brought to trial.  Why would any journalist ever ask a question like that?

Lois Lerner's and other IRS computers crash, conveniently, after an investigation of the targeting of dissidents started, but there is no reason ever to distrust the IRS.

NOAA and others have repeatedly manipulated previous temperature records to make warming and changes look worse.  The media and other Democrats never cared and just repeat what they are told about humans, CO2, and fossil fuels causing warming, storms, and rising sea levels.  Everyone who repeats that indoctrinated thought should be trusted no matter what.

I think we should take this trust with no verification theory and use it everywhere:

Wells Fargo and other banks should tell the FDIC, the SEC, and outside auditors to pound sand if they ever want to examine their computers, their books, and how they comply with consumer laws.  Like the FBI and Comey, they should just say they follow the rules and the laws.  Their internal auditors have examined the books and compliance, and they can assure everyone that nothing is wrong.

All private companies shouldn't have to allow inspection by the SEC, outside auditors, or other regulators of any of their records.  Like the FBI, they should just sit down and talk to everyone and redact and destroy any inconvenient records.

If the FBI and IRS demand to see computers and records, people and companies should just say it's none of their business.  They are honest, and their word should be trusted.

After all, shouldn't government bureaucrats and agencies be treated exactly like the rest of us, or are they above the law?

Here is a summary of who should be trusted and who shouldn't.

All government agencies should be trusted if they are run by Democrats.

All Democrats should be trusted, along with any Republican willing to trash Trump or repeat Democrat talking points like Flake, Corker, Graham, McCain and now Gowdy.

The DNC, the Obamas, and Clintons can always be trusted.

Anyone who says humans, fossil fuels, and CO2 control temperatures and sea levels can be trusted – no matter if they offer no actual proof.

Terrorists governments can be trusted if they have pretend agreements with Obama.

The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Associated Press, and almost all news outlets except Fox News can always be trusted to tell the truth, as long as they are regurgitating Democrat talking points.

Planned Parenthood, when it says it wasn't selling body parts even though its people were caught on tape bragging about taking money for body parts, can be trusted.

Illegal aliens and politicians from sanctuary cities and states who refuse to follow the law can be trusted.

Hollywood and musicians (see below) can be trusted.

Unnamed news sources can be trusted.

Porn stars can be trusted.

Known liars such as John Brennan, James Clapper, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Hillary, and Obama can be trusted.

And here is a list of people and groups who can't be trusted.

All Republicans except ones who trash Trump.  They are fine for a while.

Actors and musicians who support Trump.

Government agencies run by Trump-supporters and Cabinet members unless they disagree with Trump.

Anyone who says truthfully that the climate has always changed naturally.

Politicians who follow immigration laws that Congress passed.

Black Republicans.

Any woman who is Republican or voted against Hillary.

Women who accused Bill and Hillary of physically and mentally harming them.

No private companies can be trusted unless they are run by liberals or are media outlets that just repeat Democrat talking points.

It is truly sad that with all the known lies of people surrounding Obama and especially the Justice Department, we are just supposed to take their word that they were spying only to help Trump and protect the American people.