Samantha Bee is rude and ignorant of recent history

Samantha Bee's choice of words was awful, and her knowledge of history is no better. 

Before beating up President Trump on immigration, let's remember that President Obama and the Democrats had all the votes and did not pass immigration reform or a DREAM Act.

He had 60 votes in the Senate and a large majority in the House.  He did not need a single GOP vote to pass some type of reform.

The truth is that he did not try and took Hispanics for granted.  He showed zero respect for the millions who voted for him in 2008.

Furthermore, the president did not call the congressional leaders and demand a reform.  Unlike President George W. Bush, who spoke to the nation in 2006, President Obama was dead silent about the issue.  He gave Cinco de Mayo speeches but never followed them with any proposals or calls to Congress.

Last, but not least, the president and the Democrats did not put the DREAM Act to a vote before the 2010 election.  They waited until after the election, when most Dems did not have electoral consequences.

On the other hand, President Trump actually put a solution on the table regarding the "DREAMers."

The Wall Street Journal reminded us a few years ago that the Democrats are always a lot better at making immigration reform promises than actually delivering a solution:

We understand the political imperative, and these columns have favored liberal (in the 19th-century sense of that word) immigration policies since before the current crop of Republicans was born.  But a shrunken, bureaucratic guest-worker program that lets unions define job openings and determine wages is worse than the status quo.  It won't help the economy but it will guarantee that illegal immigrants keep coming.  Then in 15 or 20 years Republicans can enjoy debating what to do with another 11 million illegals who want a path to citizenship.

Let's not forget Senator Obama killing McCain-Kennedy in 2007 with that "poison amendment" about guest worker visas. 

So why is Miss Bee picking on Ivanka?  Why not the Democrats who failed to keep a campaign promise about immigration?

The answer is that Samantha Bee is a partisan ignoramus with a mouth that belongs in the gutter and not on a TV network.

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