Left-wing intolerance

It often feels like open season on Trump-supporters:

Doesn't the left claim to be the model of tolerance in America?  While the left talks a big game about tolerance for a diversity of opinions and political beliefs, this political violence is simply unacceptable.

When Roseanne Barr recently made racist remarks about Valerie Jarrett, the left rightfully pounced.

Yet President Trump also rightly pointed out that when the media or other high-profile personalities use fake news and personal attacks against him, his family, or his supporters, the left remains silent.  Why the double standard?

When President Trump meets Kim Kardashian, he is mocked, yet when President Obama had a stampede of celebrities see him, it was cool.  Almost on cue to highlight the tolerance for intolerance on the left, Samantha Bee leveled a grotesque personal attack against Ivanka Trump on her TBS program just two days after Barr's comments.  While the mainstream media reported on Bee's insults, her show remains on the air. 

The left's double standard applies not just to the president and celebrities – it also impacts everyday hardworking people who choose to engage in political discourse and express their views – and innocent people are being fired, attacked, and hurt because of it.  @AmyMek is a controversial Jewish Twitter influencer and outspoken critic of sharia.  While many of her tweets have been offensive, she has also been retweeted by President Trump and a slew of others.  She has a right to tweet, and her family shouldn't be attacked for her political beliefs.

Until recently, @AmyMek had remained anonymous online, until HuffPost reporter Luke O'Brien exposed her full name in a recent exposé.  In the name of working on a story to expose @AmyMek's true identity, O'Brien called her husband's employer and "outed" his wife as the woman behind @AmyMek.  Her husband was promptly fired.  His offense?  Being married to a woman whose viewpoints some don't like.

In his article, O'Brien went after Amy's entire family, naming her father's and brother's businesses, neither of whom have anything to do with Amy's Twitter account.  These attacks are entirely unfair and below the belt.  The implied threat here is that if you choose to speak out, your family will be found and targeted.  How is that fair?  Should people be fired and their businesses harmed for the political views of their family members?

I don't expect the left to agree with those on the right, but I do expect some tolerance for a different worldview, even when they find that view offensive.  No one deserves to be fired for the views of his family members.  Guilt by association has no place in the American marketplace of ideas, and certainly not in the workplace.

Ronn Torossian is a leading P.R. firm CEO.