What if the Democrats had accepted Trump's 'ceasefire'?

My favorite English phrase is "be careful what you wish for," or things may look very different tomorrow once you get what you want today. Someone must have been thinking about the Trump-Clinton feud when he came up with that phrase. Back in November 2016, President-Elect Trump answered a question about "lock her up," or the chant from campaign rallies.  He basically said let's move on: President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday backed away from his campaign pledge to have former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton investigated and jailed. Mr. Trump said during an interview with the New York Times that he doesn't feel strongly about the issue and doesn't want to hurt the Clintons. I recall the moment and praised President Trump for looking forward rather than backward.  After all, we are in the U.S., and we don't put the loser in jail, as often happens in banana republics. Sadly, the Democrats...(Read Full Post)