From J. Edgar Hoover to Russian collusion: Nothing new under the Sun

J. Edgar Hoover was the most feared man in Washington from 1924 until his death in 1972.  Even our presidents from Truman to Nixon wouldn't fire him because of the files he kept.  Hoover used the FBI to get dirt on politicians, protecting his career and personal life from the public.  He feared one man, Armand Hammer, who knew all about his dirty little secrets and had pictures to prove it.  Hammer was a traitor and friend of Russia who knew that controlling Hoover meant control of the DOJ.  Does this sound familiar with what is going on today?  These men are dead, but their methods have developed into a secret weapon of our enemy.  This secret organization has taken control of just about every branch of government.  Its members know that if they control top officials with bribes, blackmail, and threats, they control Washington.

Unlawful unmasking and information-gathering have gone on for decades.  To accuse any government official of a crime is a crime in itself.  It's also a crime to bribe, accept bribes, or blackmail anyone, especially for a vote.  Many vote to fund Planned Parenthood, Iran, and other organizations with taxpayer money.  Follow that money, and you might find that some found its way into the wallets of those who approved funding.  I am sure that Iran didn't mind giving some of that 150 billion dollars to a few corrupt officials.  Why hasn't the attorney general indicted anyone like Comey, Clinton, Lynch, McCabe, Kerry, and many more?  This group has spent years creating a sanctuary city in Washington for corruption, traitors, and criminals.  Corrupt politicians and high-ranking officials are attacking the president because the truth is exposing itself.  This country needs term limits for every politician, because what's good for the president is good for the rest.

There is an organization seeking the complete destruction of America.  This group is extremely intelligent, wealthy, and powerful, with individuals in every branch of government – scholars in medicine, law, history, and the military with a deep-rooted hatred for the U.S.  They have made plans for decades, knowing that the only way to destroy America is from within.  They learn from history and how Reagan brought down the Soviet Union.  They used the FBI to spy on President Trump before the election, trying to protect their control of Washington.  They weren't prepared for an honest man to finance his own campaign and win the election.  Millionaires don't contribute to politicians without expecting favors, and President Trump doesn't owe them any.

People in office are so worried about public opinion that they will do anything to protect their image.  Many are trapped in this evil web of corruption and have no idea what they are connected to.  Rudy Giuliani brought down the Mob, and those guys were never anything like this.  This evil organization controls with fear and blackmail.  This country is infested at every level of society, with President Trump standing in their way.  Dirty politicians scream for gun control when we demand tougher laws that control corrupt politicians.

We used to have 435 representatives and 100 senators working for the people.  Now we have only one Democrat and one Republican with 533 followers who vote for their party, and screw the country.

Washington, wake up soon, or you won't have a country to "Make Great Again."