What the Millennials can learn from history and tyrants

Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger have authored a couple of good books that could teach the citizens, especially the young, a great deal of important history of the United States. They are George Washington's Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution and Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans: The Battle That Shaped America's Destiny.

The books would teach everyone that wars are sometimes necessary and that citizens need weapons to maintain their freedom.  The tyrannical British government was trying to regain control of the United States in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

In the War of 1812, the British tried to take control of New Orleans and the Mississippi River, and only through a hodgepodge of mainly volunteers did Andrew Jackson beat off the well armed, greatly manned army of the British.  Most of the volunteers brought their own weapons for the fight.

From this, we learn of the need to recognize that freedom is not free and everyone needs to keep a watchful eye out for tyrants, because a tyrant may:

  • Decide that it would be better to have the government take control of the health care system.  This tyrant would write a bill to take away freedom of choice and to destroy the private health system and health insurance companies.  A tyrant would travel the country lying about what would happen when the bill was passed.  A complicit media would help sell the policy to the public.
  • Have the government ship untracked guns across the border.  While doing this, the tyrant would lecture the public about guns going across the border.  Such a scam would work until a border guard is killed with one of these untracked guns.  The tyrant would act as if he knew nothing about the government program.
  • Have the IRS take action to block the freedom of speech of his political opponents and shut them up.  The tyrant would act as if he had no idea this was happening.
  • Secretly work with a country that spreads terrorism around the world and threatens death to America, and even pay secret ransom to that country.  The tyrant's staff would go out and lie to the public and journalists about the agreement.  The tyrant would know there are journalists who will repeat what they're told, no questions asked.  The complicit media would act as though a non-signed deal not approved by Congress were an actual treaty.
  • Have agencies write rules and regulations to destroy certain industries, like the coal industry, based on inaccurate, manipulated computer models instead of actual facts.  Even sign an accord with the rest of the world that would cost U.S. citizens trillions of dollars and pretend government can control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity forever.  This deal would never be presented to Congress.  The complicit media would act as though this is an actual treaty.
  • Set out to destroy for-profit higher education companies by holding them to different standards from those of public and not-for-profit entities.
  • Handpick a successor to continue his agenda to greatly expand the power of government.  Weaponize and politicize the Justice Department and intelligence agencies to protect this successor and his staff from prosecution despite multiple violations of existing laws.  The tyrant may even decide to spy on a political opponent and his staff with no actual evidence of any wrongdoing.

Anyone who doesn't think the tyrant was involved directly in all the above activities and actions has to have his head in the sand.  Few people were let go because of illegal actions, and none was prosecuted.  They all were protected by the politicized Justice Department.  Many were essentially above the law.

All journalists should ask how they would treat President Trump if he did any of the above.  They already treat Trump as if he were a dictator and tyrant even though he is doing nothing to indicate those traits.  Meanwhile, President Obama acted as a king as he ignored and rewrote laws he didn't like unilaterally and sought to increase the government's power exponentially.  The devoted media almost universally supported his dictatorial actions.

What is more dangerous than the tyrant is journalists who support the tyrant at every turn, no matter how much power he amasses and how much freedom he takes away from the public.  Major media outlets at this time are actively seeking to protect the tyrant by acting as though the spying on a political opponent were legitimate.  They have run a story about Russian collusion for more than a year as if it were true.  These media outlets are attacking the duly elected president, who succeeded the tyrant, on a daily basis.  Over 90% of their reporting on the successor is negative, while the voters who elected him watch as he tries to transfer the power and purse and freedom back to the people as fast as possible.

Over the past few days, Trump referred to extremely violent MS-13 members as "animals."  The increasingly dishonest media and other Democrats lied by saying he called all illegal aliens animals.  If Trump correctly referred to ISIS members who behead, rape, and murder people as animals, the media would probably lie and say he called all Muslims animals.  Every day, the despicable media seek to destroy Trump, divide the U.S., and buy Democrat votes while they feign the desire for civility and unity.

And here's another thing, also learnable from the New Orleans book from Chapter 5:

In 1718, an early European arrival in the region, Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, founded a community and called it La Nouvelle-Orleans.  The settlement began as little more than shacks and most of those were obliterated by a massive flood in 1719.  Bienville supervised a rebuilding.  The growing town became the capital of French Louisiana in 1722 but later the same year a hurricane destroyed most of New Orleans's buildings.

The town was again rebuilt and was ceded to Spain after the Seven Years War in Europe from 1756-1763.  But the Spaniards' luck during their decades in charge proved no better than that of the French.  Three major hurricanes hurtled through: a great flood swamped most of lower Louisiana in 1782.

This is something entirely different from the message conveyed about the importance of self-defense and fighting tyrants.

We learn that hurricanes and floods are natural, and not caused by man, CO2, or fossil fuels.  They occurred naturally, as the climate has always changed naturally throughout billions of years.  It is interesting that these storms in New Orleans occurred during the Little Ice Age, which lasted between 1300 and 1870.  We have continually been told that floods and hurricanes are caused by global warming.

To sum up, not once was the tyrant or any of his minions ever asked for actual evidence that humans, fossil fuels, and CO2 control the climate, despite what the media reports.

Conclusion: Indoctrinated journalists aren't worth much.  And there is much for Millennials to learn from the history coming out, telling us the story of our country.