Obama's Netflix deal was about community organizing all along

Netflix's deal with former president Obama to produce content for its shows isn't going as well as its media toadies hailing the scheme thought it would.  They presented us with this and assumed we'd get excited about it.

NPR reports:

Netflix said in a statement that the Obamas would "produce a diverse mix of content – including docu-series, documentaries and features" under their imprint, Higher Ground Productions.

"Michelle and I are so excited to partner with Netflix – we hope to cultivate and curate the talented, inspiring, creative voices who are able to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples, and help them share their stories with the entire world," the former president said in the Netflix statement.

What they've got now is a Netflix buyer boycott on the cards (in no small part due to William Sullivan's excellent piece here), for starters.  Turns out Netflix's customers aren't all in for more politicization of their entertainment.  Now that President Obama has taken to the soapbox to tell us what his lucrative business deal is really all about, he's making it worse.

According to Business Insider:

Obama explained that the Netflix deal was going to be focused on telling people's stories.  He said he hopes these stories will help people see and better understand one another and ultimately help us move past the divisive political discourse that has mired Washington for so long.

"I would not have been president had I not learned very early on in my professional career the importance of stories," Obama told a standing-room-only crowd of thousands of people.

Stories?  Really?  Suddenly, we have a president of the United States sounding as if his real ambition is to be Ben Rhodes.  Then it gets worse:

He recounted his first job out of college as a community organizer, helping bring various factions together to solve local problems from crime to underfunded schools.  An older, experienced community organizer told the young Obama at the time that before he started to suggest solutions to problems, he should spend a month talking to people and hearing their stories.

So the nasty muscle the Alinskyites exert to bullyrag the neighborhood talent into mau-mauing for spoils and "a bigger piece of the pie" is really just about "storytelling"?  Seriously, now community organizing is really storytelling?  Anyone who knows anything about community organizing knows that storytelling is just a means, a tactic, a manipulation, toward a political end, pretty much always a left-wing one.  And no, a community organizer is not there to be "your friend," as the Alinsky training manuals state.

So far from making a deal for kumbaya purposes, he's admitting that the deal was a divisive community organizing project all along.  That's all he knows, and so it should surprise no one that that's what he's up to.

He supports that line of community organizer thinking by admitting he wants to create "a new generation of leaders" from it.  That's what community organizers really do.

Instead of becoming the big-name movie producer to glorify his own legacy, as I speculated here, he's out to create marching left-wing perpetrators of his legacy on two legs.

And to "unite people."

As he united the country during his eight years in office?  With all the Freddie Gray and Trayvon Martin stuff, with his IRS persecution of Tea Party and dissident groups as well as spying on journalists, with the nightmare of Obamacare, passed on a party-line vote, with his corrupt exonerations of Hillary Clinton and her minions?  Sorry, that didn't work while Obama held power, so it's pretty amazing to see him shucking that line now while he's out of power.  As if we don't remember.

Fact is, Obama's idea of unifying is pretty much a figurative version of what Stalin's idea of unifying was, which is to say by eliminating the opposition, and making them non-persons.  That's how he governed, and that's how he's going to do his Netflix propaganda deal.  If Obama finds some Trump voter in Ohio to interview, it's likely that the only purpose of it will be to create opposition research for the purpose of electing Democrats.  It's not going to be about what anyone else recognizes as "unity."

And the new leadership thing?  Sounds like the current Democratic Party strategy for taking back Congress: foisting large numbers of youthful political unknowns on the voting public these days.

And apparently, we're not supposed to notice.

Goodbye, Netflix, indeed.

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