With Netflix, Obama builds another monument to himself

Obama is at it again.

Concerned about his crumbling legacy and unable to bear life out of the spotlight, the former president is in talks with Netflix "to produce a series of high-profile shows that will provide him a global platform after his departure from the White House," as the New York Times, which got the scoop, put it.

Let that sink in.  The man is seeking to rewrite history, his own history, the better to influence the public to think he wasn't such a bad president after all, through a television series about himself where he controls all the content.  It shows how reluctant he is to let go of the reins of power and act the graceful role of retired president.

Up until now, presidents have written their memoirs and then let history decide.  Obama never liked America or its traditions much, so it's natural for him to shun its presidential traditions – from his presidential portrait to his presidential library to his presidential memoirs to his refusal to go away.  Through this Netflix project, Obama seeks an immediate propaganda platform for continuously preaching to the public in real time that his presidency was greatness itself, and thus influencing public perceptions just through coming into our living rooms each night.  Netflix has 118 million subscribers.

Apparently, it wasn't enough to take taxpayer funds (and some were taken) to build a monument to himself in his non-library presidential library to loom big over the south side of Chicago, expropriating a historic Frederick Law Olmsted-designed park for this purpose.  He needs to be on television all the time, the better to keep stirring the pot as President Trump sweeps out all of his bad executive orders, high taxes, massive regulations, vast expansions of the bureaucracy, bows to dictators, and nightmare of Obamacare.  And while undoubtedly making millions (at what point has he made enough?), he wants to build an electronic monument to himself, in the same pharaonic tradition.

And like a dictator, he seeks to control history.  You can bet there won't be any self-criticism in this Netflix series; it will be about how great he was.  As Obama's minions themselves tell it to the Times, it will be about "narratives."  And "inspirational stories," he says.  This is nonsense – think of all the astroturf "inspirational stories" he laid out during his administration.  What were they done for?  To sell horrors like Obamacare to the public and make them think something good was in store.  That was all, and we expect that these new inspirational stories will be to sell other socialist programs, as well as do their darnedest to attack President Trump.

We know that's going to happen.  Meanwhile, Obama also says his new electronic monument will be to counter Fox News.  All in all, that's a fancy way of promising us propaganda.

Apparently, he's counting on the lastingness of television programming and the permanence of the internet to counter the bad memories from the firsthand experience of his policies.  So everyone will love him, and progressivism and socialism can keep recrudescing.

Here's to hoping the whole thing will bomb with a smarter public and Netflix will lose its money.

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