Baltimore's leftist prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, now gets a cop killed

After as loathsome and odious a performance as the Freddie Gray fiasco, you'd think Baltimore's youthful state prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, would have learned a thing or two about the stupidity of race-baiting in the name of cop-hatred.  Her malicious prosecution of six officers in the Freddie Gray case, where there was no evidence any of them killed the guy (and juries refused to convict), led to a de facto police strike that made Baltimore a crime hellhole.

Well, in her case, no.  Turns out she's learned nothing from her past incompetence and doesn't seem to be bothered a bit by her latest blunder, letting a thug off who later killed Officer Amy Caprio by running her over in a stolen car during the course of a burglary.  If the cops were alienated by the Freddie Gray frame-up she cooked up, they're going to be even more alienated now.

The chief of Baltimore's juvenile services, Sam Abed, pointed the finger at Mosby in the fiasco, saying she let 16-year-old hardcore offender Dawnta Harris off, even when the juvenile justice officials begged for it not to happen.  Given that all of these people are leftist bleeding hearts of some kind, that's saying something.

According to the Baltimore Sun:

Maryland's secretary of juvenile services says the justice system failed in the case of a West Baltimore teen charged with murder in the death this week of a Baltimore County police officer.

Secretary Sam Abed blamed the courts on Wednesday for sending 16-year-old Dawnta Harris home earlier this month as he awaited sentencing for stealing a car, against recommendations from his staff.

"This shouldn't have happened," Abed said.  "It's preventable."

Mosby, who's currently running for re-election and seems to be failing miserably at it, is lashing out, claiming that her office had nothing to do with the problem of why a thug got let out and subsequently returned to his customary life of crime and killed a cop while doing it.

It caps a career premised on one bad judgment after another, punctuated with continuous cowardice to the howls of the mob and its rejection of actual justice.

First, she allowed herself to be influenced by Soros money seeking to place bad prosecutors into office with her soft spot for letting criminals out of jail in the name of "justice."  Error one.

Then, when tough-mindedness was called for in the Gray case, she chose to bow to the baying mob and launched bad prosecutions against six innocent cops.  She consorted with then-White House consigliere Valerie Jarrett for advice.  The result was a disaster.  Her cowardice started riots, for one thing, and made Baltimore a wasteland where businesses (and the tax base) fled.  Error two.

Then she saw one jury after another reject her specious arguments, dropping all the cases left following her third failure to convince a jury that anything she argued had merit.  Error three.

The cops sued for malicious prosecution, and though they didn't win (another bad ruling), Mosby was kept gummed up in courts and cost the city millions.  Error four.

Now she let a thug out of the slammer against the arguments of juvenile services (who knew this guy well, with Abed calling him a "one-man crime wave"), and off he went and killed a cop.  Error five.

It's an astonishing record of incompetence and harm.

It's encouraging to know that Baltimore's voters seem to be on to her, and her re-election campaign is floundering.  If Baltimore doesn't throw this lethal, blundering, puppety fool out, it will deserve whatever happens to it next.  She's a one-woman crime wave and amounts to a plague on the entire city.

Image credit: Edward Kimmel via FlickrCreative Commons SA 2.0.

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