Trump's Veterans Affairs secretary is an ethically challenged Obama holdover

Boy, President Trump must really like Obama-era holdovers!  He put one in charge of conducting phony immigration raids at ICE and picked another one to run Veterans Affairs.  I guess he figured that Obama appointees would be best suited to drain the swamp! But his veterans secretary, David Shulkin, has gotten into a bit of trouble, apparently lying and forging documentation. A scathing report released Wednesday found "serious derelictions" in a 10-day, $122,000 business trip the secretary of veterans affairs took to Europe, which included airfare for his wife and extensive sightseeing. According to the report, Secretary David J. Shulkin traveled to Denmark and London for meetings about health care for veterans, accompanied by his wife, a small staff and a six-person security detail, but nearly half of his time was spent visiting castles and other tourist sites. "This was time that should have been spent conducting official V.A. business...(Read Full Post)