The neurological dysfunction of the left

The lovely and courageous Dana Loesch was absolutely correct when she commented that the left loves mass shootings – not the tragedy aspect, but the ratings gold, of which they leap to take advantage. Before the bodies are removed from the site, the left begins politicizing the event.  The massacre in Florida was no exception.  This time, the media really upped their game.  They contacted the students who survived and encouraged them to appear on their "news" programs, which are not news, but calculated propaganda.  If the student or the parents do not support the leftist version of gun control, they are given a script to stick by or disinvited.  The ridiculous program staged on CNN and hosted by Jake Tapper was the most egregious example yet.  Adults and teens were most likely directed to behave like animals in a zoo, screaming and jeering at Marco Rubio and Dana Loesch as if...(Read Full Post)