Hilarious: Justin Trudeau dresses like Indian stereotype in India and gets slammed

This is too funny.  Justin Trudeau, the eye-candy, two-brain-cell wonder of a Canadian prime minister, is on an eight-day visit to India with his family.  So Justin, being the good little virtue-signaling leftist he is, decided that it would be a good idea to impress his hosts by dressing in over-the-top traditional Indian garb.  Well, he certainly did make an impression.  As the Daily Mail reports:

Justin Trudeau has been ridiculed on social media by Indians for his 'tacky' and over the top outfit choices while on his first visit to their nation as Prime Minister.   

While many praised his clothing during the first two days of his trip, patience was wearing thin by the time he attended a Bollywood gala on Tuesday night, before the tide turned against him on Wednesday.

Ministers, authors, journalists and ordinary Indians lined up to mock him on Wednesday, saying his wardrobe was 'fake and annoying'. 

"Fake and annoying"?  Well, at least Justin – a man who said he wants to raise "feminist" sons and recommends that "personkind" be used instead of "mankind" – gave his hosts an accurate impression.

The Mail also related, "Leading the criticism was Omar Abdullah, former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, who tweeted on Wednesday saying Trudeau's preening was 'all just a bit much.'"

"'We Indians do not dress like this every day[,] sir, not even in Bollywood,'" he wrote.

Then, a Bombay-based writer named Shunali Khullar Shroff tweeted, "Who advised Justin Trudeau to dress like a bridegroom at the Bombay event?  Only a horse and sehra seemed to be missing."

Justin's inanity reminds me of a hilarious clip from the show Malcolm in the Middle.  The scene involves a different kind of Indian and is set in Alaska, and you can watch it below (trust me: it's worth a minute and a half of your time).

I imagine that something like the above is what the Indians wanted to tell Justin, who made a mistake common to liberals.  Of course, why it didn't occur to him that he was guilty of "cultural appropriation" is explainable by way of leftist situational values (a redundancy, I know).  But here's a pro tip for confused, multicultural-minded white folks: pretending to be someone from another culture never works.  Oh, it's important to understand the society you're visiting so you don't commit a social transgression, such as patting a child on the head in Cambodia.  Completely taking on the guise of someone from a radically different land, however – as if you're going to a costume party – makes you seem weak, pathetic, silly, and patronizing.  People will wonder, "How stupid does this guy think we are?"

So what's next for little Justin?  Donning a headdress when appearing before Canadian Indians?  Outfitting himself like Speedy Gonzales while in Mexico?  Wearing blackface when visiting Africa?

Now we know why, while Trudeau was speaking recently in Parliament, a Canadian M.P. mocked him by saying, "Did you run out of coloring books, Justin?!"  The immaturity of the modern leftist is absolutely staggering.

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