Jennifer Lawrence is right

Now that I have your attention...Jennifer Lawrence is a Hollywood ignoramus who knows nothing of our democracy, which is in fact not a democracy, but a constitutional republic. It has been reported that Jennifer Lawrence is planning to take a year off from acting in order to pursue a career in activism.  While I don't envision anything of substance coming from her effort, she (and the left) recognizes the virtue of activism.  In this, she and the left are right. I have made appeals to Republican Party officials for a decade and have attempted to reach out to conservative think-tanks to spur them to shift their efforts from political battles to cultural ones.  Culture is upstream of politics, and liberals are micturating in the stream.  By the time a student graduates from high school, or college, he has been inculcated to think of societal issues through the prism of the left.  Any doubt?  Look at last week's...(Read Full Post)