Elizabeth Warren's past catches up with her (again)

Faux outrage from Fauxcahontas.  Sean Davis digs up an embarrassing bit of history that demonstrates the utter hypocrisy of one of the left's darlings, who evidently will claim anything so long as it helps her score points with an audience:

Warren's "deeply offensive" posturing took place at:

... an unannounced appearance before the National Congress of American Indians, the oldest national organization that claims to represent the interests of Native Americans[.]

Her hypocritical remark came at the end

Warren concluded her speech with an attack on Trump: "It is deeply offensive that this president keeps a portrait of Andrew Jackson hanging in the Oval Office, honoring a man who did his best to wipe out Native people," Warren said.

The Boston Herald adds another dimension to her hypocrisy:

It's also highly ironic given that there is some evidence to suggest one of Warren's ancestors may have helped round up Indians for the "Trail of Tears" forced march.  And for Brian Kilmeade, Fox News anchor and author of "Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans," it's highly outrageous[.]