Religious leaders and 'the times' versus God

Americans of every race, origin, and culture once observed the universal wisdom that informed them that the lack of morality causes serious trouble, suffering, and worse.  Has the knowledge vanished completely from our midst – that to begin with, there must be a moral foundation to human society?  Is it not plain enough to all that since the virtual abandonment of morality in our country, things have gotten worse? What happened to the many whose calling it is to enlighten us with the wisdom enshrined in the Golden Rule and threaded into every humane culture since B.C.?  In these times, a good many of our religious leaders appear to be blind to their own mission.  In following the times instead of leading them, they fail in to guide people through the twists and turns of life.  I have seen pastors fall apart trying to explain the Ten Commandments, as though facing a trick question on a final exam.  The sermons, the...(Read Full Post)