Math as white privilege doesn't add up

I took the time to read an article about a professor who thinks math promotes white privilege.  Her theory boils down to all of the noteworthy accomplishments in math seem to have been done by white people, therefore it encourages non-white people to think they can't do math.  I don't know whom she blames for the math blocks that some white kids have.  I also don't know why she thinks people who aren't white are so weak-minded that they believe they can't do everything white people can do.  Math is a human capability, and the degree of ease with which it can be done varies, as all human capabilities do.

She also seems unfamiliar with Srinivasa Ramanujan, the non-white inventor and discoverer of advanced mathematics I can't even begin to describe.  Very few people of any color can understand his work.

I've never understood the alleged need non-whites are purported to have for role models.  Is it a collectivist thing?  How is it that we have people who are the first non-whites to accomplish a given task?  They had no same-race role models to prove that, for example, a black man can play professional-level baseball.  They became the role models for others.  Where has that spirit gone?

If whites and non-whites have the same human capabilities, as I believe, then the differences in results must arise from nurture rather than nature.  Perhaps if non-white kids weren't constantly told they can't succeed, they'd put forth more effort in school.  Maybe if professors didn't tell them they deserve special care and coddling, they'd play by the rules whites do and get a handle on winning.  Maybe if schools worried about education instead of excuses, the kids would learn.

It's too bad that the race card seems to be the only one in the deck that black leaders in particular know how to play.  It has become a wild card, an excuse for every disparity.  Leaders encourage their followers to be blocked by obstacles rather than challenged.  It keeps the leaders in power based on promises to remove obstacles and blaming whites for lack of non-white success.

I didn't sit in math class as a child and wish I had been born a Greek man so I could do geometry.  I didn't sit in physics class wishing I had been born German or Italian.  I was not born Russian, yet the Periodic Table never depressed me.  Math, science, etc. don't care what color you are.  Your textbook cannot see your ethnicity.  All that stops you is you.

White privilege is a myth.  If a white person can do something, so can a non-white person.  If you aren't willing to give it your all, maybe "blaxit" is a good option for you.  Otherwise, expect to find that, to paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, social justice warriors eventually run out of other people's guilt.

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