Democrats and their terrible priorities

Back in 2013, our third son was in the U.S. Army, and we were concerned about his next paycheck.   Remember that government shutdown?

Well, it's January 2018, and here we go again.

By the way, I want to be fair and spread some of the blame here.   This is really another sign of a dysfunctional system that requires 60 votes to order coffee from the cafeteria.

Nevertheless, what was this shutdown really about?

First, it is about Democrats who wanted to spoil President Trump's first anniversary.   It is the silliest and most cynical of tricks.   In other words, the Democrats are still angry that the voters elected Trump rather than Clinton.

Second, the Democrats are using Hispanics.   Not long ago, they had the votes to pass immigration reform and did not.

Third, there was a deal on the table to legalize some DREAMers and enhance border security.   I support legalizing some of these DREAMers, but it has to be coupled with solutions so that we don't encourage more people to cross the border.

My guess is that the Democrats will blink.   The backlash will be twofold and put Democrats in a no-win situation:

a) They will hear from Hispanic parents who don't appreciate their sons being treated like this over DACA.

b) They will also hear from the left, whose foot soldiers do not want to compromise or give in to President Trump over anything.

In the meantime, we see  the GOP closing the gap  on the November 2018 polls.

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