Obama vs. Steve Jobs

The MSM cheerleaders for Obama told us that he was a genius and the smartest guy in the room. Naturally, John McCain agreed. And, of course, Obama agrees. Since Obama is so smart, how did he handle economic advice from the really smart, talented, and successful technology entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs? Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography Steve Jobs, (Simon and Schuster, 2011), on the man responsible for Apple II, MacIntosh, Toy Story, and other Pixar blockbusters, Apple stores, iPod, iPad, iPhone, iTunes store, iCloud, and the Apple brand, describes two scenes that perfectly captures Obama. In 2010, Steve Jobs’ wife arranged for him to meet Obama.  At first Jobs did not want to, but he relented. Jobs told Obama that Obama he needed to be more business friendly, that while it was easy to build a factory in China, it was almost impossible to build one in the USA because of the regulations and other unnecessary costs. Jobs scheduled a...(Read Full Post)