The Media and the Trump Economy

I woke up to yet another New York Times article that leaves me scratching my head. The article is entitled “Every One of the World’s Big Economies Is Now Growing.” Yes, the entire world is in an economic boom -- it is undeniable. The NYT just cannot pretend this is not happening. But, due to their obsessive narrative that Trump is the devil incarnate in Russian spy's clothing, they must credit anything other than Trump as the reason. Rather than start the article with recognition of Trump's revolutionary regulation-gutting, business-friendly, tax-slashing policies, the author -- in just the second paragraph -- credits Obama's government spending in large part as the impetus to this global blessing.  

To sow even more anti-Trumpism, they go on to state that many of Trump's policies actually threaten this global boom just as Brexit does. Remember, the NYT, along with the entire world’s liberal cabal, warned us that Trump's election and Brexit will cause a worldwide depression. Oops. Now that the opposite is undeniably the case, the media’s intentional disinformation campaign doubles down. And why not? Traditional media is literally now the PR arm of the leftists and the Democratic party. It has perfected propaganda better than Herman Goebbels ever did in Nazi Germany. In 1930s and 1940s Germany, the populace knew the anti-Semitic diatribes were propaganda, but they turned a blind eye because the Nazi party promised economic relief. Today, far too many media consumers actually believe the spoon-fed, relentless fake-news precisely because it is so pervasive -- they are simply overwhelmed. By reading and hearing this unremitting false narrative in so many precincts, they conclude that, well, it just must be accurate, no?

Our heavily protected free press, envisioned by our Founders as the great counterbalance to political power, has been weaponized and now threatens the greatest political experiment in history, America. The solution is beyond me because we need the press to be free. How do we instill honesty and morality back into the body politic and the media? This is the question we must find a solution to if we are to survive as a truly free people.

The craziest part of this is that I see the naked and unabashed leftist bias in nearly every CNN, broadcast media and NYT political article. Then, adding insult to injury, this disinformation is immediately parroted via print syndication and broadcast media sycophants throughout the nation and the world. This nearly universal blatant and obvious media deception is so pervasive that even I find myself wondering -- have I lost my mind or is this the greatest media scandal in history?