The Media and the Trump Economy

I woke up to yet another New York Times article that leaves me scratching my head. The article is entitled “Every One of the World’s Big Economies Is Now Growing.” Yes, the entire world is in an economic boom -- it is undeniable. The NYT just cannot pretend this is not happening. But, due to their obsessive narrative that Trump is the devil incarnate in Russian spy's clothing, they must credit anything other than Trump as the reason. Rather than start the article with recognition of Trump's revolutionary regulation-gutting, business-friendly, tax-slashing policies, the author -- in just the second paragraph -- credits Obama's government spending in large part as the impetus to this global blessing.   To sow even more anti-Trumpism, they go on to state that many of Trump's policies actually threaten this global boom just as Brexit does. Remember, the NYT, along with the entire world’s...(Read Full Post)