Bernie Sanders struck dumb when asked if glad people are getting tax cut bonuses

Sometimes, silence can be eloquent.

Bernie Sanders, unlike, say, Nancy Pelosi, is smart enough to realize that the Democrats’ fierce opposition to the Trump tax reform is a dead end.  People actually like getting more money, and most do not regard a windfall of thousand dollars or more as “crumbs.”

So, when Nancy Cordes asked Senator Sanders on Face the Nation if he was glad that people have more money in their pockets, he did the TV interview equivalent of invoking the Fifth Amendment: falling silent, and provoking a query if there was a technical issue.

Watch and enjoy, if schadenfreude amuses you:

Rush transcript via Grabien:

NANCY CORDES: Senator, the President is giving his first State of the Union address this week and polls show that his biggest achievement so far, the tax cuts, are now gaining in popularity as some of these big companies hand out thousand-dollar bonuses. Are you glad that these people have more money in their pockets?

SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS: We have a technical issue here?

NANCY CORDES: Senator, can you hear me? All right. It appears that we have lost our audio connection with Senator Sanders. We’ll take a commercial break and will be right back.

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