Dems: Don't accept the Trump tax cuts? Pay the Obama tax!

The Democrats and their cheerleaders in the media have spent the past few days attacking the Trump tax cuts as immoral and a transfer of wealth form the "middle class" to the "rich."  One can rationally disagree on the tax rates and deductions and credits without attacking the tax cuts in biblical and religious terms as immoral and unethical.  But the Dems and the Destroy Trump Media cannot explain how allowing a taxpayer to keep more of his income is a transfer of wealth from another taxpayer, or immoral.  It seems that the immorality argument is better suited against those who want to take more and more of a taxpayer's income rather than those who favor a taxpayer keeping more of his income.

The Dems and the Destroy Trump Media believe that the income of all working Americans belongs to the federal government and that the Democrats, as the party of government, are the self-anointed guardians of how the income is spent and how much we get to keep of our income.  Trump and the Republican Congress have a lot of nerve to interfere with this vision of the anointed class by letting us keep more of our income.  It is immoral, immoral!

But if the Pelosi-Schumer Dems truly believe that the tax cuts are immoral, then they must reject the benefits of the tax cuts.  The Pelosi-Schumer Dems should pay tax at the current Obama rates.  To simplify it, they can write a check to the IRS as a "bonus" in addition to the tax owed.

The Pelosi-Schumer Dems refuse to follow and obey our immigration laws by establishing sanctuary cities and states.  They believe that our immigration laws are immoral, so they establish sanctuary cities, led by Governor Moonbeam Brown and Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  To be consistent, since they refuse to follow our immigration laws because they view them as immoral, it follows that they should refuse to benefit from the Trump tax cuts that they view as immoral.

So will the Dems write a check to IRS to lead by example?

Will the Crooked Hillary voters pay taxes at the lower Trump rate, or will they pay at the Obama rate?

Will the Crooked Hillary voters refuse the bonuses from companies such as ATT, Wells Fargo, Comcast, and others who announced bonuses and wage increases because of the cut in the corporate tax rate?