Papa John's CEO booted from his own company after panning NFL protests

Many may already be aware that the 56-year-old founder and CEO of the once popular Papa John's Pizza has been forced out weeks after he publicly criticized the leadership of the NFL for tolerating disrespectful and unappreciative behavior by players not standing for the National Anthem.

CEO John Schnatter's motivation in making the comments was that the sales of Papa John's, an NFL sponsor and advertiser, had slowed since protests began by black NFL players, led by Colin Kaepernick.  The stock price of Papa John's is down 30 percent since the beginning of 2017, compared to an increase of 18 percent in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  The drop in Papa John's stock this year has cost Schnatter a huge amount in equity loss.

As a self-made near-billionaire at the beginning of 2017, Schnatter will come out okay.  Other shareholders at Papa John's, who are likely not visionary, need to suffer additional declines in the value of their holdings for allowing persecution of someone over a free speech issue.  Hopefully, many shall notify Papa John's of their intention to no longer buy or consume Papa John's pizza.  The contact page is here.