Dems: Don't accept the Trump tax cuts? Pay the Obama tax!

The Democrats and their cheerleaders in the media have spent the past few days attacking the Trump tax cuts as immoral and a transfer of wealth form the "middle class" to the "rich."  One can rationally disagree on the tax rates and deductions and credits without attacking the tax cuts in biblical and religious terms as immoral and unethical.  But the Dems and the Destroy Trump Media cannot explain how allowing a taxpayer to keep more of his income is a transfer of wealth from another taxpayer, or immoral.  It seems that the immorality argument is better suited against those who want to take more and more of a taxpayer's income rather than those who favor a taxpayer keeping more of his income. The Dems and the Destroy Trump Media believe that the income of all working Americans belongs to the federal government and that the Democrats, as the party of government, are the self-anointed guardians of how the income is spent and how much we get to...(Read Full Post)