Let's stop pretending leftists care about abused women

I find it tremendously sad that so many supposedly intelligent people who tell us how to run our lives are all of a sudden faking that in 2017 that powerful people have been mistreating people for years while they have intentionally looked the other way.  They are obviously enablers.  I am 64 years old and have been working with other people for over 59 years, and I have never believed that it was OK to slap them on their behinds – or any of the rest of the nasty stuff coming out now.  I certainly have known not to hang around with pedophiles, let alone fly over two dozen times with a billionaire who procures underage girls for powerful men on an airplane called "Lolita" to something called "orgy island."  (Somehow, almost all reporters have never cared about Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton and still don't.)  I also know that cigars are for smoking.  I have worked for seven employers after I graduated from college, and I...(Read Full Post)