Your up-to-date list of accused leftist sexual harassers

One of the things I am grateful for in the wake of Thanksgiving is the unmasking of the deep hypocrisy of the feminist left.  They have made a corrupt bargain in the name of political power, in effect granting immunity to the likes of Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein because those men helped them get what they wanted: access to the coercive powers of the state with which to attain their goals.

The pain of a Paula Jones, not only sexually humiliated, but accused of being trailer trash – labeled and ridiculed for life – is a small price to pay for power.  The worst of them not only tolerated this pain, but inflicted it with the Bimbo Eruptions teams and the cooperation of the mainstream media.  And now we know that opinion leaders in the MSM – were there any media figures more widely admired on the left than Mark Halperin and Charlie Rose? – were more than happy to play along with the game because it actually helped them keep control of their own prey in the wake of their misbehavior.  Who wants to be ridiculed the way Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones were mocked?

So here is the most up-to-date (as of this instant – read quickly, for the list will grow) compilation of the accusations that have received media attention, compiled by a friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous.  The principal sources used to compile it are found below.