Safe-space school cults and the rise of the crybabies

On June 6, 1944, American soldiers risked their lives to storm the beaches of Normandy in what is known as D-Day.  Fast-forward 74 years later, and you will find ungrateful students confused about their genders hiding in their safe spaces on the politically correct grounds of a college campus.

Yes, the cult-based schools in which you were once encouraged to express new ideas has now become a place to go and get brainwashed into conforming to leftist beliefs, all while leaving in crippling debt.  Students and faculty can now prevent conservative speakers from appearing on the campuses by violently protesting without permits, and they are encouraged to do so.  If any of the students hears something he does not like, he declares himself triggered and runs to a safe space.

This booming wave of crybabies are known as the Millennials, "a generation raised not to believe in freedom of speech, but rather that they should have freedom from speech."  According to FIRE, 54% of public and 59% of private universities impose politically correct speech codes.  An example of the anti-First Amendment speech codes happened at a university in California on Constitution Day (September 17), 2013.  A student was told he could not protest NSA surveillance outside the free speech zone, which made up only approximately 1.37% of the campus.  My roommate had a personal story up at University of Minnesota, Duluth where his boss told him he must not refer to females as wo-men when designing school posters, as the inconvenient root may offend feminist activists on the campus.  So there you have it: college campuses in today's society are breeding grounds for fascism, while the students shroud themselves under the veil known as the safe space.

So how can we stop this nonsense?  First, we eliminate safe spaces and promote the expression of new ideas instead of filtering out ones you do not like by aggressively coloring your anger out in a room filled with puppies (yes, these places do exist).  Second, we allow students to assemble peacefully on campuses to express their ideas and beliefs without being shut down by protesting students who think they are right because they talk louder than their opposition.  Third, we stop implementing political correctness in school handouts, posters, and newsletters.  Fourth, we hire professors fit for the job, regardless of their ideological beliefs.  They are there to teach, not to use their appeal to authority fallacy to push their biased political agendas.  Lastly, we eliminate useless majors and subjects and departments that just waste money and are there only to persuade students into adopting their political agendas.  There are too many students enrolling in majors that do not prepare them for a real job, and there are too many departments that segregate everyone on the basis of identity politics.

We need more students to rise up and start fighting back.  We are stronger in number, and there are plenty of students from both sides of the political spectrum who agree that the political correctness and safe space culture on campuses is a violation of the First Amendment.

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