Freed Canadian family dad was in-law to bin Laden associate

News broke this week that Canadian couple Caitlan Coleman and Joshua Boyle along with their three children, all born in captivity, were freed by Pakistani forces from the Taliban-connected Haqqani network.  Mr. Boyle asserted that Caitlan Coleman was raped while in captivity and that their infant daughter was killed by their captors. Naturally, celebrate when anyone is freed from the clutches of Islamist savagery, especially innocent young children who have known no other existence.  However, even the earliest CBS-AP report hinted that the "kidnapping" of the couple might be something more than a "whoops, we strayed to the wrong side of the border" story.  The report asserted that the (already pregnant) couple was grabbed on a "backpacking trip."  Shades of a lighthearted Sound of Music Von Trapp family outing in the mountains, no?  Not so much.  CBS and the AP also reported that after their rescue,...(Read Full Post)