Hollywood's fallen idols

If ever you need a symbol of perversion, this is it.

Here's a lovely shot of a predator being applauded by two women with a history of relationships with sexual miscreants.  Let that image sink in.  Incongruous?   No.  It's politics über alles.  The sickness runs deep.

I wonder what the Weinstein effect will be on Hollywood's political endorsements during the 2018 midterm elections.  Robert De Niro, Woody Allen, and Lindsay Lohan have waffled on the Weinstein issue.  Interesting.  Who can think of Woody Allen these days without wondering how he got his nickname?  As for the Raging Bull and Lil' Lindsay, there's not much to be said in defense of "art for art's sake."  Character matters.  Be advised: Harvey Weinstein is but a drop of dye in the water tank.  Civil suits are coming and a criminal investigation.  The dye will spread quickly.

As for Rose McGowan, I look at photos of her hair getting shorter year after year until she ends up with a buzz cut.  In light of recent disclosures about Hollywood culture, I wonder if demons haunt her.  I'm no psychologist, but I've known people who assume too much blame for the evil that comes their way and, by opposing it, wish to be shorn of all affiliation.

As for those who defend Weinstein, they are barking up a tree that is cut down.  They might as well howl at the moon.