Europe looking the other way

They talk a lot about global warming in Europe and Canada.  We do our share of talking here, too.

Where is the talk about the real threat facing Europe, and the West as a whole, for that matter?

Where are the marches calling on Europeans to get married and have at least two little babies?  A march for marriage and babies may sound a bit silly, but Europe could use one badly.

Like a dead body of water, Europe is drying out in front of our eyes.   

At current birth rates, there won't be any Europeans around to determine if the global warming predictions were a hoax or real!

Read this:

Europe needs more babies – the average continental family has a mere 1.37 children[.] ... Germany is similarly concerned – it could lose the equivalent of the population of the former East Germany within 50 years... Russia’s population is contracting at the rate of three quarters of a million a year: the resourceful Mr Putin is paying mothers to have a second child[.] ... The last thing we should be doing is bullying people to breed less.

Furthermore, you cannot preserve your values, culture, and democratic ideas if you do not "seed the future" with your own people.

We inherited progressive values from our parents and ancestors, who gave us life.  Don't we have a responsibility to bring life into the world and preserve our culture?

Furthermore, at current birth rates, Europe can't finance its massive welfare state!  Who is going to care for the old if there are no young people to work, pay taxes, and defend a way of life?

What's behind the huge drop in birth rates?  Has Europe lost its soul? Did it walk away from its Judeo-Christian heritage and replace it with mindless secularism? 

I don't know the answer to those profound questions. 

I can only say this: wake up Europe, or there won't be any Europe in 50 years!

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