Trump's biggest mistake โ€“ not going after Hillary

When Donald Trump said he would not pursue legal action against Hillary Clinton after he won the election, the majority of his supporters were not happy.  After all, what Hillary, her family. and the Clinton Foundation actually did, or were accused of doing through credible evidence, was obviously criminal. Fast-forward to today, and the onslaught of false Russian collusion accusations against President Trump, and it is obvious why not going after Hillary was a huge mistake. After the election, as there always seems to be, there is a kind of political vacuum period.  It is usually called a honeymoon for a newly elected president.  Unfortunately, this period of time is mostly controlled by the media. In most cases, this period is filled with relatively positive and generally inquisitive news from the media about a new president's agenda, whom he is putting together in his team, and figuring out how he plans to implement his policies.  There is...(Read Full Post)