Tucker Carlson scores some cred on the left

Ever since he inherited Bill O'Reilly's Fox News time slot, Tucker Carlson has been holding interview subjects up to critical inquiry.  Carlson does his homework, often citing their previous statements or writing, and exposing hypocrisy, mendaciousness, shallowness, ignorance, and the occasional surreal experience.

...to the point where people actually fall apart, destroyed by the Demolition Man.  Last night, I felt sadness watching one such demolition of a man I once respected, but was astounded this morning to learn (via Gateway Pundit and Mike Cernovich) that arch-leftist Max Blumenthal (spawn of Sidney Blumenthal) had taken favorable note of it on Twitter:

The satisfaction of watching a fanatical neocon like @MaxBoot be reduced to a sputtering mess is hard to match https://t.co/1ezswaYccX

— Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal) July 13, 2017

Tucker held Trump-hater Max Boot accountable for his track record as an overseas military intervention enthusiast, shall we say.

He also hit back on the tweet Boot had posted the day before, during Carlson's broadcast:

Ralph Peters to Tucker Carlson: "You sound like Charles Lindbergh in 1938." Ralph speaks truth to a ratings powerhouse. https://t.co/4sGJwGC0Wm

— Max Boot (@MaxBoot) July 12, 2017

Boot clearly could not deal with the challenge and resorted to never answering direct questions, but launching extended narratives, and talking over the host's responses.  I also thought his eyes were disturbing in demeanor, but maybe that's just me.  Carlson, for his part, hit back, something conservative do not always do.

You can watch via the Blumenthal tweet, or in the video embedded below:

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