Chelsea Clinton, caught copying off someone's paper?

An upstate New York man is accusing Chelsea Clinton of plagiarizing his book in her bestseller, She Persisted.  He claims she borrowed examples and passages of women who enacted change, and then didn't give him credit.

Christopher Janes Kimberley, 56, filed a federal lawsuit in New York against Chelsea Clinton, 37, and Penguin Random House accusing the former first daughter of copyright infringement.

Court documents obtained by reveal Kimberley is seeking up to $150,000 in damages and any profits from the New York Times best seller.

Kimberley said he wrote an all-ages, three-volume illustrated children's book 'A Heart is the Part That Makes Boys And Girls Smart' in 2013. 

So far, it doesn't look as though he's going to win at this one – it would be hard to prove that Penguin gave the copy of the manuscript he submitted in 2013 to Clinton for a workover, although that sort of thing does go on in both publishing and news.  And it could be argued that two people came up with the same group of heroes at once – in any case, Chelsea Clinton padded hers with other conventional characters seen in children's literature.

What's interesting about the news item, though, is how believable it is.  Chelsea has always shown herself to be a dullard who's never had an original idea in her life.  Far from doing anything on her own, she relies on her parents to land her jobs – fancy high-paid ones because Chelsea likes to have nice stuff.  She racks up degrees and teaching sinecures from elite universities, yet she never produces anything of memorable value.  You'd think there'd be some spark from someone with the opportunities she's had but she punches tickets.  She is just as dull and anodyne on television, and her thoughts are nothing if not banal.  Her tweets are little more than blather, and she is so "with" the establishment that she is the Democratic establishment, their last great hope for winning an election, given the zoo of candidates the Democrats face – yet an idea that's been nixed due to her sheer dullness by many.

So now she's been accused of plagiarism?  Copying off someone's paper, just as she has always copied some soft soggy leftist convention or other?  Blow me away with a feather. 

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