George Stephanopoulos: Primping pampered princeling of the press

Next time someone tries to pass off George Stephanopoulos as some kind of "deep" global thinker and serious interviewer worthy of taking on presidents and moderating debates, whip out a copy of the latest from the New York Post about what really goes on Stephanopoulos's plastic primping pampered world.

The hurl-worthy sausage-making is here:

George Stephanopoulos may be a giant in the news business, but "Good Morning America" has changed its set to cover up his diminutive size.

"He's 5-foot-6 and is dwarfed by human trees Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan," says an insider. " 'GMA' initially thought using an anchor desk with elevated chairs would help the problem. Still awkward, George's little-boyish mini-legs were seen dangling."

So they built a little panel under the desks to hide George's legs.  It gets worse for Mister Mini-Marvelous as the New York Post goes into full blossom:

Back in 2011, there were rumors Stephanopoulos could be swapped out after network execs liked the way that 6-foot-3 Josh Elliott looked next to Roberts.

In 2010, Page Six reported that ABC staffers were gossiping that Roberts continued to wear high heels to tower over Stephanopoulos as "a sign of power."

But George's wife, Ali Wentworth, has no problem with her husband's stature, having said, "He's 5-foot-7. But 6-foot-7 in bed!"

All this primping from a guy who made his name by leaving half-eaten sandwiches in the filthiest pigpen office in the White House, according to Gary Aldrich in his 1998 chronicle of the Clinton White House, Unlimited Access.

Here's the thing about these people: TV viewers could not care less about George Stephanopoulos's leg size, let alone any of the too-much-information about his behavior in bed.  He already has a long Greek name, so that ought to be a clue that unconventional names – and less than typical Hollywood norms – are all right with viewers.  Greek names are held by Mediterranean-descended people, and God designed most of them short, so there is nothing unusual about it or deserving to be covered up.  The TV crew George hangs around with considers this ultra-important stuff, however, and spends hours worrying about Stephanopoulos's leg size.  George goes right along with them and plays with that game instead of just stand up for principle and saying: "This is who I am."

So don't ever let this pampered princeling tell you he is some sort of deep thinker.  Not only is Stephanopoulos a pampered princeling, he remains a Clinton leftist with a penchant for Clinton Foundation troughing.  Those are the real problems, not his leg size.

Can we get some relief from this idiot scene?