A confederacy of leftists

What we most often refer to as "the Civil War" really wasn't one.  A civil war occurs when two factions go to war over control of the same government.  While it once made a stab at invading Washington, Lee's army didn't want to seize the city for the Confederate capital.  The South had already established its own seat of government some 90 miles away in Richmond.  Despite whatever else might be said of it, the Civil War was a war for independence – Southern independence. What now impends is something different.  Less a regional than an ideological conflict, it is one in which one faction (the Democratic Party-occupying regressive left) has lost control of the democratic institutions through which it was able to apply, consolidate, and enforce its ideology over the past eight years.  Worse, as the IRS scandal, the Benghazi cover-up, and the Fast & Furious fiasco have variously come to show, these efforts were...(Read Full Post)