'Somebody's got to go to jail, Ben.' Susan Rice? Evelyn Farkas? Ben Rhodes?

Or someone even higher up?

The quote is from the film National Treasure.  It is a terrific film about the theft of the Declaration of Independence from the National Archives.  The film is chock-full of real American history mixed with actual patriotism, the bête noire of the left.

We Americans find ourselves at a tipping point.  It appears that the Obama administration, with the willing submission of our intelligence agencies, surveilled Donald Trump, his campaign, and his transition team beginning as early as October 2015 and escalated the activity after he won the election.  Why?  No one thought in October that he would win the presidency, and yet surveillance began three months after he announced his candidacy.  What did these spies hope to discover?  Something to take him out, to be sure.  Of what were they so afraid?  That he could actually win?  Indeed, they were apparently afraid of exactly that and were determined to prevent it.

Because Obama, by executive order and design, made such illegally gathered intelligence available to many more agencies than the past and to so many more people, leaks to the media were assured.  That was the plan, especially after Trump won.  It worked: D.C. media leaked like a sieve. 

But what if someone, anyone, discovered their intense surveillance of the Trump campaign?  That would be a big problem.  What to do?  Invent a reason for all the laws already broken.  Oh!  They've got it!  Accuse Russia of interfering with the election and accuse Trump of colluding with Russia and for causing Clinton's loss.  So, retrospectively, they developed this scheme.  They had surveilled Trump and his associates, his family, to unearth anything that would take him out of the race, be it some kind depravity or perversion.  Collusion with Russia never occurred to them until he won.  That was desperation on the fly.  And now that plan is collapsing.

Certainly, as a world-class businessman, Trump and his associates might be talking to people around the world.  Anyone could have concluded that.  The Obama administration already knew there was no "collusion."  So what?  They could make their scheme work.  They could take Trump down, get him quickly impeached with their "plan."  The subsequent strategy was not developed until after Trump won.  They had to cover their tracks, to invent a reason for their surveillance of his campaign in the event it came to light.

Now, the fact that it was Susan Rice who, if she did not order the surveillance but viewed and unmasked the principals and distributed it, was party to the plan, the plot sickens.  Rice is a piece of work.  She had no problem lying to all five Sunday news programs after U.S. ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was murdered in the 2012 Benghazi attack.  She made up, or at least acquiesced to, the phony video-did-it story, long ago disproved as an outright fabrication.  Like Hillary Clinton, Rice is a pathological liar thoroughly at ease with her prevarications.  She was interviewed by the oh, so solicitous Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday, denying any wrongdoing but admitting it all the same.  A few weeks ago, she knew nothing about this; now she admits to unmasking but not to leaking.  Hmmm.  Selective memory: the refuge of the guilty. 

Obviously some very serious, Soviet-style crimes have been committed by operatives in the Obama administration.  Obama transformed America, to be sure; he moved us toward the socialist totalitarianism that has devastated every nation in  which it has taken root.  But now they've been caught.  And someone has to go to jail.  This kind of attack on our country cannot stand.  The promulgators of the Russia-Trump collusion meme have yet to produce the tiniest bit of evidence to prove their claim.  Now that their calumny has been discovered, they are going to fight back like cornered Tasmanian devils.  CNN has essentially refused to cover the story.  They do not report what they do not want to believe.  The MSM are frantically searching for and publishing ridiculous stories they think will convince us of Trump's collusion with Russia. 

Another quote from the Declaration of Independence and National Treasure: "Of all the ideas that became the United States, there's a line here that's at the heart of all the others: "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and provide new Guards for their future security."

As difficult as it is for many Americans to accept Trump as their president, he just may be our savior, the new guardian of our future security.  Those who participated in the Obama administration did transform America.  They felt entitled to become despots, to diminish the citizenry and the Constitution.  It was and remains our duty not only to throw them off, but to bring them to justice.  Egregious crimes have been committed by the previous administration.  Someone has to go to jail. 

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