The most interesting ideas for a border wall

Already proposals for the new border wall are coming in.  Here are some of the more interesting ones.





I like this idea.  Border agents can ride the monorail to better spot illegals.  Or, alternatively, it can be turned into a Disney-esque ride like "Pirates of the Caribbean."

This is my favorite.  No one wants nuclear waste in his backyard, so what better place than on the Mexican border?  If there's a leak, we can call it "undocumented" and lecture Mexico on tolerance.  As an added bonus, we could have the wall purposely leak small amounts of nuclear waste, so then we can track illegals with Geiger counters.

I guess this is the "Game of Thrones" proposal.  In Game of Thrones, they have a gigantic wall that keeps undocumented zombies out of Westeros, even though many of these zombies are hardworking killing machines who fight in wars when locals aren't available to join armies at affordable wages.

Naturally this idea of a non-wall wall was put together by Mexican engineers.  The hyperloop would get freshly harvested marijuana to Los Angeles in under 20 minutes flat!

The solar panel wall not only protects the environment, but is eco-friendly!  It just needs one modification, though: when touched by an illegal, it should give a small electrical correction.

If there's one thing we learned from Escape from New York, it's that walls work!

What is your favorite wall design?

Ed Straker is the senior writer at