The Gettysburg Address โ€“ just 272 words

We used to memorize things back in our Catholic school days.    As a kid in Cuba, my late great Uncle Joaquin, a judge, a law professor, and the biggest fan of Lincoln in the planet, used to impress us with his memorization of the Gettysburg Address.  He would recite every line and tell us what it all meant to him. President Lincoln delivered the greatest American speech on this day in 1863: "Using just 272 words, Lincoln articulated the meaning of the Civil War for a public that had grown weary of the conflict. For some time, Lincoln had been planning to make a public statement on the significance of the war and the struggle against slavery. In early November, he received an invitation to speak at the dedication of part of the Gettysburg battlefield, which was being transformed into a cemetery for the soldiers who had died in battle there from July 1 to July 3, 1863." The speech was very quick, very quick by modern standards.  He...(Read Full Post)