Nicholas Kristof croaks condemnation of 'racist' Trump

On 11/17/16 on Fox News's Tucker Carlson Tonight, Nicholas Kristof (of the late N.Y. Times) condemned Donald Trump of racism.  Kristof did not qualify or justify his severe judgment of the president-elect – even as he seemed to be attempting the role of a conciliatory emissary from the discredited ranks of Democrat shills at the New York Times.

The Times recently acknowledged that they did not manage even an appearance of objectivity or impartiality during the recent presidential campaign.  But as Kristof pitched concern for displaced workers, he could not help himself from vilifying the candidate those forgotten people just chose to be their president.

The blind hatred in the late, lamented New York Times against Trump is so great that even a soothing pitchman like Kristof can't hide it.  Kristof plucked on the heartstrings of his small-town Oregon roots, which is the closest the New York Times can come to atomizing even a whiff of concern for ordinary Americans.  But even as Kristof invoked a warm recollection of the folks he left far behind, he could not avoid insulting the incoming commander-in-chief.  In vilifying Trump as a racist, Kristof certified the mindless addiction to character assassination that will continue from the Times.

Nicholas Kristof also insulted the American people by implication.  If the American people have elected a frank racist, as Mr. Kristof states, they must either be too stupid to see Trump's bigotry or be racist themselves.  The New York Times probably believes that mainstream Americans to be both.  Furthermore, a corollary of Kristof's slander against Trump is that anyone who works in the new administration is willing to work for a racist.  What a miserable crew that will be.

Tucker Carlson asked Kristof if he knew two people at the Times who were opposed to abortion.  Carlson should have asked Kristof if he knew two people at the Times who were opposed to attempting to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples.  That would have been an even more absurd falsehood for Kristof to deliver.

Of course, Mr. Kristof offered neither specifics nor evidence for his charge that the president-elect is racist.  As long as any member of the left-wing elite can discharge the Racism! Sexism! Phobia! calumny, he can go home comforted in the knowledge that he has shored up the left's delusion of moral superiority.  No further explanation than the excommunicating triune Racism! Sexism! Phobia! is needed.

Does Kristof allege that Trump hates the whole "black brown red and yellow" spectrum?  It doesn't matter.  As long as Kristof tars Trump with the brush of racism, he remains a member in good standing in the dead journalists society.