Synthetic news

The shrill, desperate hunt by liberals for dirt on the flourishing Trump administration continues unabated.  Today the lying liberal mainstream media is reporting breathlessly on “fake news” that may have assisted the Trump presidential victory.  And under the guise of eliminating such “fake news,” social media sites such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook are even reported to have begun a purge of some conservative accounts c never mind that anti-Trump hate speech flourishes on those same websites virtually unchecked.

And of course, liberals appear to have conveniently forgotten that they invented the practice of creating “fake news.”  Who can forget, for example, the counterfeit “October Surprise” documents orchestrated by Dan Rather to smear the Texas Air Force National Guard service of George W. Bush, which got Rather canned instead when the truth emerged?  More recently the world was sickened by the lies conjured out of nothingness by the liberal mainstream media against conservative Steve Bannon to obstruct his effectiveness as White House chief strategist. 

One might even submit that most of the so-called “news” reported by the liberal mainstream media is false, the truth perhaps lying in the opposite direction.  Certainly that applies to the liberal chest-thumping and tub-beating about Trump voters being racist, sexist homophobes, when in fact many were only disillusioned Obama voters immunized against such bigoted name-calling.

Perhaps it is best these days to consider all news from the liberal mainstream media fake – manufactured by some twisted wizards of hate cowering behind their laptops someplace in la-la land.  It is Synthetic News, transmitted to hundreds of millions of electronic devices by the liberal mainstream media, in the desperate hope that if the lies are repeated often enough, they will become the truth.

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